Anchors inside DIVs reload page... help?


I have two big problems as I try to bring my website out of the 1900s… I am in the process of redesigning part of my site, which is located at - I am trying to move away from the frame layout.

I started (a) overhauling the site moving everything from HTML files to php, and I am (b) in the process of redoing the screen layout. Instead of frames, I am trying to use DIV containers.

The starting steps of my new layout are at’t mind the colours, as I’m still just getting all my div stuff working.

If you look at my start-up for searching by artist and select A (it’s the only one that works right now), you will see the list appear down the left side of the page. In my original HTML, I had jumps which would take you from the name of the singer down to their list. Now that I have it inside a DIV rather than a frame, clicking on any link to an anchor reload the page. Is there any way to stop this?

As a subsequent question, if I create a DIV container in the largest part of the window for the songs, is there a way to replace the contents of a DIV with a call to a PHP script? Can I use the javascript innerHTML in conjunction with PHP?

(Can I do nameOfDIVBlock.innerHTML = “<? rendersong.php?title=whatever ?>”

What I hope to do is reload the songs in the large area without reloading the whole page each time…

Any and all help would be much appreciated!!!



I figured out the first problem. Case of not paying attention when I copied and pasted old code… forgot the A HREF tag had a target in it, which is since gone…