Anchor link issue on iphone

Go to my site - on your iPhone, (haven’t tested on android yet)
Then click on a link to the right, click on work since the default page is about. It will scroll down to the work page. Which works great. But if you click on about or contact to go to another page nothing happens. The only way to get it to work is to scroll the page a little bit to make the link you just clicked on inactive again. Or else it still thinks that link you just clicked on is active and it wont let you click on any other link. Anyone know of a way to fix this? Couldn’t find much on Google.

Anyone? Is this even in the write forum. If not mods you can move it thanks.

I don’t have an iPhone. It works pretty much OK (I presume) on my fairly basic phone with Opera Mini. If I click “work”, it takes me there. Then I have to scroll back to the top to find the “contact” link. When I click that, it still shows in the address bar, but it takes me to the contact details at the bottom.

FWIW, I found it really confusing (and irritating) to have to scroll all the way back through the “first page” to reach the navigation links for the “second page”.

(And you can’t hover on a touch-screen device…)

ell it is set to be a one page website. The menu is supposed to be static, which works on the iphone, and on a regular computer. So when you click on the link it scrolls down to the section but keeps the menu at the top of your browser. I know you can’t hover. But if you tap it should work the same. Just need to change my verbiage. Could you please possibly take a few screen shots of what the pages look like and post them if you have time? Curious to see how it looks in that browser on your phone. Also what phone do you have? Thanks for the help.

Yes, it’s fine on my PC. However, many lower-end mobiles like this one don’t support full CSS2.1 specs, and I’m pretty sure that includes position: fixed.

Nope - afraid not. I don’t think there’s JavaScript support.

I will if I can work out how. :slight_smile: I don’t think there’s a built-in feature, so I may end up having to take photos of the phone. Won’t be until tomorrow, though.

It’s a Vodafone own-brand, but it uses Opera Mini, which is a very common mobile browser. Mine is version 5. There is a simulator running version 6.5, but when I tried your site on it, it doesn’t work quite as well as it does on my phone. :frowning:

Great thanks for the feedback, I will take a look at that simulator. If anyone else knows why the anchor links act up like this on mobile phones feel free to help me out! lol thanks.

Scrolling works on Windows Phone 7.5 but is kinda messed up in places, the footer is in the wrong place and your twitter feed thing. Twitter feed is over the contact forming makin things wonky there.

WP 7.5 is IEMobile 9,