Analyzing a PHP Project with Jenkins

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This entry is part 4 of 3 in the series PHP Quality Assurance with Jenkins

PHP Quality Assurance with Jenkins

The results of Jenkins come from different tools and will be placed in different locations within the Jenkins GUI. We will be navigating through two different pages. First we have the project view page, which is recognizable by the project name at the top. On this page, you get a general overview of the project and you can easily compare several builds. You can reach this page by clicking on the project from the default overview page. Next to the project view page, we also have the build view page. You can navigate to this page by clicking on a build number in the sidebar. Here, you will be able to view all kinds of details regarding this particular build.

Within this article, we will be going through each tool and have a look at what it reports back to us. In the end, we will also look at some extra details Jenkins collects for us. Since we build the same project several times, we will get straight lines within our graphs. In a real project, the graph would fluctuate.

PHP Quality Assurance with Jenkins

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how to get graph of phpunit and others ? i can’t find the item.

You need at least 2 runs to have the graphs activated and shown.