Analysis and Algorithm Design for PHP Project

Hello Everyone!

I just took an Introduction to Programming in C course and am attempting to apply some of the knowledge I’ve gained into a PHP project I’m about to start. The problem is, when you’re planning a C program to figure out the sales tax on a few purchases it’s quite a bit easier to apply the analysis and algorithm design process that it is for a full blown PHP Web app.

So my question is, how does one go about algorithm design of a PHP Web app that has multiple input/outputs for both front end and back end processes?

Do you do an algorithm/flow chart for every single process or what?

I could revert to my old tactics of “just dive in and start programming” but I really want to apply my newly gained knowledge and do this one by the book.


Well do you want to take the time do to flow carts and everything? Or just jump in and start building? Either way is fine. There is not by the book when it comes to programming.