An option of (1)selecting then uploading their data and then to do..(1) many times

Hello! Please I would want to be able allow users select options from a list of selections as many times as possible using php, how do i achieve that? Below is a form for better description of what i desire to do

<form action="" method="post">
<p>You can enter your subjects as many times as possible</p>

<Input type="button" value="enter">

Supposing the user want to enter 5 subjects with their respective grades and year, how do you make the html and php do this jointly or would one require Javascript to do this? Please I need you assistance!

You could look at doing it like a shopping cart - present the list of subjects/items like you have above, give the user an ‘add’ button so they select a subject and add it to their ‘cart’, then re-draw the list so they can carry on adding subjects or ‘check out’ and do whatever you need to when they have their complete list of subjects. Plenty of sample code for shopping carts around.

Good Morning Droopsnoot. Thanks for the reply and assistance. I will try and look around for shopping carts codes that will enable me to do what I desire. I am grateful.
And well may still get back to you incase of any difficulty. And once again,Thanks.