An online Sass editor and compiler. (developed by me)

I’ve developed an online Sass Editor. I hope it helpful for your development job. :slight_smile:
It uses libsass 3.3.1 to compile your Sass code.

The code editor was powered by Ace Editor projects. It has some features for you such as auto-indent, syntax highlight, find and replace with regular expression, but it still lack auto-complete feature.

Sass Editor quite simple, type your Sass in the left editor then click Compile, the CSS output will be in the right editor. Sass Editor will also auto-saves your work.

Give it a try and please send me your feedback.
Merry Christmas!


This is a very nice effort! Congratulations on your success.
So many ideas and projects just never get realized because the execution is much more demanding than the idea.

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This looks really great!

Can you talk a little bit about what you built it with? I’m always interested in that.

Thanks for all your kind words. I planned to release its source code soon.
I’ve used sass.js library in my project. Sass.js is a JavaScript implement of Libsass. You can easily find it on Github.

My project is in an early stage and still need more improvement. I hope you’ll use it and give me some feedback.

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