Ampersand in domain


A client of mine has done a big leaflet drop and entered their domain with an ampersand as opposed to the word ‘and’.

Is there anything I can do with htaccess/dns/whatever to redirect the incorrect url’s to the correct url? I am aware ampersands cannot be used in domain names, however the client wasn’t.


Hi Andy,

If it’s www.something& there’s not a lot technically you can do – the DNS request won’t get anywhere near to what you can control (ie, the real domain’s DNS entries).

If the & sign was in the host part (www) then you might have a fighting chance of using a * A record or something. If the & is in the path part of the URL then it should be do-able with htaccess.

Hi, thank you. No i’m afraid it’s in the www.something& part. From my knowledge I didn’t think anything could be done, but i’ve never come across this problem so thought i’d ask. Thanks for your reply.



That’s “geek-speak” for you can’t do that as “&” is an illegal character.



I don’t think it is technically incorrect since & treated as  

not by domain name servers.

Invalid characters such as & in the actual domain name are going to get rejected by the first domain name server that sees them and never get close to any web hosting.

^ what felgall says!



I suppose you can use that in the site title &&& but in the domain name you must use “and”
The brigjt example is 1&1

Yes, I agree.

Yes, it is an invalid character. Your only real hope is that people understand that it’s a mistake and try typing out the “and” instead of the “&”.