Amount of Languages Required for a Data Scientist

Greetings! Does becoming a data scientist require learning 3-5 languages or is it a stand alone discipline? I understand that there would be a many, many things to learn within data science, but learning additional languages on top of that are my concern. Thank you!

Do you mean programming languages, or proper languages?

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For anything other than the most basic (or… exceedingly slow, i suppose), data science, you’re going to need at least 1 programming language, and probably 2 or more. What that language(s) is/are, depends on your tools. Commonly, Python and R are used, but there are many options.

Python programming languages is the most important language which you need to learn when you will start learning data scientist. Other than that you need to learn SQL, C/C++, Java script, MATLAB these are some important language which will help you a lot while learning data scientist.

I guess there are 2-3 languages that are essential (Python/R, SQL) + “nice to have” C++, Java

The only essential and mandatory skill that you need to become a successful data scientist is the ability to analyze data and extract meaningful insights out of it. Also, for data science, two essential programming skills are R and Python , which you need to understand along with SQL queries.

R, SQL, Python, and JavaScript can help you in the field of data science and each has its merits. R - data visualisation, a key part of finding patterns in large datasets. SQL- sorting through large datasets and finding patterns in text at high speeds. Python is a definitely more prevalent than JavaScript but JS is catching up with the emergence of new powerful libraries.

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