AMCharts map: Having problems figuring out how to replace map with more detailed version

Hi there everyone!

I’m hoping someone familiar with the AMCharts system can help me out. I use a map to plot users across the globe. The demo I’m working off of uses a low res map with no definition at all. No country or state division, just continental blobs. I would like to be able to determine where a user actually is. I’ve read through the AMCharts documentation and it states that I should be able to replace worldLow with worldUltra to get more detail but when I try to replace the portion of the map js that defines which map to use, the map breaks.

Using worldLow:
Using worldUltra:

To explain further, I looked through the lines and found where it called the js for worldLow, then downloaded worldUltra from their CDN and saved it locally:

<script src="./template/js/amcharts-worldLow.js"></script>


<script src="./template/js/amcharts-worldUltra.js"></script>

Then below that, saw where they were defining which to use:

// Set map definition
chart.geodata = am4geodata_worldLow;


// Set map definition
chart.geodata = am4geodata_worldUltra;

But I’m clearly not changing everything that needs changing, according to the Ultra version of the map is broken.

Can anyone perhaps tell me what I’ve missed or broken? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

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