Am I just going Senile

Or is the W3C trying to {expletive omitted} with my head… I’m looking up stuff in WCAG 1, WCAG 2 and HTML 4… and the wordings have been COMPLETELY rewritten from the last time I read it a year ago, but there’s ZERO mentions of updates or revisions… WCAG 1 now lists basically the EGA/VGA formula for color, WCAG2 now uses the reflective formula (which is even MORE wrong than what was there before!), large sections of WCAG2 I KNOW where there seem to be just GONE, and the rules for the use of LABEL has been completely rewritten from what I KNOW I read in the past.

Jumped up Annakin S, Shmi and Cliegg WHAT THE {even nastier expletive omitted} IS GOING ON?!?

I’m also having pages I KNOW were throwing validation warnings and/or errors no longer doing so… am I just losing my mind and need to back away from the keyboard, or is something else going on silent in the dark out there?!? I swear it’s like I’m looking at revisionist history so heavy it would make Apple jealous.

Hmm, take a rest and get some sleep… you might be exhausted?

The markup validator is pretty much stable but the CSS Validator seems to change a lot more frequently. The Technical Recommendations say when there are updated and haven’t changed since I last looked from the dates they have URI pointing towards. :slight_smile:

Did they perhaps make WCAG the same as HTML, where it’s a “living” document and they weren’t going to have version numbers anymore?

(I’d have to go looking for the source link to that - something dealing with the whole html 5 fiasco, even though that name has seemingly stuck, if even as a buzzSIZE=1[/SIZE]word)