Alternatives to dreamweaver's inspect mode

Are there any alternatives to dreamweaver’s inspect mode? Like a chrome extension or something? I specifically want the ability to have all margins and padding on a page colour coded so I can see where space is coming from.

It’s a really useful feature for amateur designers like me but I dislike the dreamweaver software in general. I was hoping there was something similar that’s lightweight and free (or cheap). I don’t need any other features as I prefer to use notepad+ and browser to build sites.

Most (probably all) browsers now have developer tools included. Have you explored those? (Right-click on an element and choose “Inspect”, or something similar should work.)

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On my PC I can activate “Developers tools” in Firefox, chrome and IE using the F12 key.

There is also a special developers Firefox browser


Thanks for the tips! Yes I had used chrome’s inspect mode before but somehow I failed to notice that it has the colour coding for margins / padding etc. Thanks again!

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