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The reason for my question is I have a pop email account which are delivered straight away to my pc, but on my blackberry it takes 15 minutes for each email to appear. Reading on blackberry forums the suggestion is to use gmail to tie up the pop email to gmail. I just don’t like gmail though as it seems they scan messages and give you ads based on the content of the email which is not cool regarding privacy. What other services are there or how can I make my pop account send emails straight away? Thanks

It sounds like the email sync setting might be set for 15 minutes instead of “push” (or if “push” isn’t available, you may have to settle for a sync time of 5 or 10 minutes instead of 15).

You’ll likely have this delay with any email provider until you adjust the email account’s settings on your phone.

Also keep in mind that having your phone check for email more frequently uses up more battery life.

Well if I get an email to hotmail it gets sent straight away. According to the people on the bb forums there is an issue with the pop accounts and a delay. I’ll speak to my host, thanks

As far as gmail alternatives, I use paid subscription for business. I have it set up for all of my domains. They’ve been around for a while, now owned by the Opera guys.

I suppose Yahoo! is another choice, one of the big ones.
And there are MANY others too.

But I suspect the problem is not the webmail service itself; the problem is one of your settings. So you are probably best off to just stay with Gmail; it is one of the best.

I support Yahoo for you and I think this is the last choice.

Perhaps that’s not your mail problem. You can try to solve the problem changing your mail settings.

You have to pay for POP/IMAP access for yahoo.

Personally, I don’t trust yahoo for anything critical. They’re circling the drain and keep cutting services.

Lot of option but i prefer yahoo.

there are lot of alternative to gmail as there are yahoo, hotmail, but gmail is the faster email services provider i have ever used the webmail services of gmail is the best services provider, in gmail when ever you gets a mail it comes very quickly other than webmail service provider

try hotmail or Yahoo mail.

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