Allow Store Owner to Add Special Holiday Hours to Web Page

I am looking for a way to allow the store owner to make changes to the store hours for a specific day. (The store owner does not manage the site, and assume they have no technical skills) Example, instead of 9am-8pm every day, he can add Holiday Hours (July 4th from 10am-5pm). The owner does not maintain the web site.

Ideally, I would like them to be able to add holiday hours in advance, and a few days before the holiday, the hours will flash indicating different store hours for the holiday coming up, once the date is passed, that holiday will no longer be shown on the site. I am not worried about the time difference between the server and the time zone where the store is located. I am open to php, js, sql etc to get it done. It is not using wordpress or any other cms.


You could use a simple add-on CMS like Surreal.

I guess the first question to ask is… does it use anything? Or is it just straight HTML files uploaded to a server? If it is just HTML files, it might be easy enough to show them how to edit the HTML file using a text editor and just re-upload the page.

If you introduce some kind of CMS in the mix, then you have to show them how to login, find the correct page and then either edit the page or enter the data in the correct box. Which might be more complicated than just editing a text file and replacing the old HTML file.

I did this once by putting the editable information in an XML file that the user edited and uploaded to the server. I can’t say I’m hugely proud of it as any kind of best known method, but it is another option. You’d of course have to write the PHP code to pull the data from XML.

Hey whatever works and is secure. Sometimes if the client just needs something quick and dirty, and is easy to do, that is often the best option. Less error prone.

I feel that sometimes we all look for a complex solution to some of the simplest problems and complicate the entire matter for non-tech people.

Thanks for the responses. I have added just a CSV file to
include the Date, Holiday Name, and Store open hours.

I have a PHP to pick the next holiday that hasnt passed (also within 5 days of current date).

Later, I plan on processing an email from the owner, and adding that to the CSV if it passes the rational tests.

Thanks everyone!