All image content gone after import wordpress data to a new hosting. Need help

I just transfer my WordPress blog to a new hosting company yesterday. I have about 90 post all with images.The text content was imported, but all the images was gone. Has this every happen to anyone? What can I do to fix it? By the way I am using PRiNZ_BranfordMagazine_pro theme. Thank you very much for your help.

How did you manage the transfer? You need to ensure that you copied not only the Wordpress files but also the Database. Once you transfer the files to the new host you need to ensure that the wordpress files can now see the database on the new server. Typically they have a different naming structure so Wordpress usually complains and tells you that.

There are some ways of pulling and entire backup off your previous host and doing a restore on the new one, but there are too many variations on this to be able to help with steps. If you still have access to the old server you could try asking the new host to pull everything across. If they both have cPanel installed (very common) then it is a pretty easy thing that many hosts offer to do for free. This migrates everything, email, databases and website files.

I would recommend re-exporting and importing the data - as you can specify to import images also if I remember rightly. - some help for exporting

and then use this plugin: - the wordpress importer should attempt to download the images off of the original server and onto your new one - just make sure to check all the settings.

Hope this helps