All famous projects have a backend?

Hi all,
i mean, do the most famous projects have a backend?, like facebook, meetic, myspace… they manage this sites accesing to a published backend (like admin_facebook_com) or this huge sites has the backend hidden from the outside (vpn for example)

Sorry about my english,

They do have backend, otherwise how they can manage data, sometime they used to promote on site, so its possible only when they have backend

does the web server count as a backend?

or were you thinking of a database-driven backend specifically?


i mean web app for manage the site, i’ve been wondering if every site has two web apps one for users and another one two manage the site, i was thinking how the admin site of e.g. facebook must be.


no, not every site

for example, my own sites are database-driven, but i update the data using HeidiSQL (although i guess you could call that an admin app)

however, it’s a pretty sure bet that the bigger sites do have an admin app

Thanks r937.