Align content in the footer


I’m currently doing this :

How I can do that ?

Thank you !

Merci à vous !

This requires knowing css . If you dont then well…learn .

Otherwise if i were you and supposing you have the icons i would divide the content into 3 div : get_in_touch , subscribe and text all inserted into one div with specific width .The right column should also have a width . If you dont want widths… this is another story.
get_in_touch should be floated left with a specific again width ,containing 2 ul . subscribe is a simple form floated right and text is …well…text applied a clear both just in case something goes wrong.

And DO NOT use tables where they shouldnt be . Use a list instead .

If you made the rest of the page that should be very easy to you. :wink:


As mentioned above you would need the necessary css skills to produce the layout you want. We can’t just give you a quick fix because you are effectively asking how to code an entire section and that requires knowing all about floats and positioning and how to style form fields.

We could help you one step at a time but it depends on your level of ability. You should start as mentioned above by creating the three floated columns that you need of the appropriate width however take note that you also have media queries supplying different styles based on the window width.

You’ll need to tell us what you are having problems with exactly because its basically a matter of just getting on and coding it. If you don’t have the skills to do this then you will need to learn them if you want to accomplish that change of design.

Ask specific questions if you get stuck or start at the beginning and ask how to do one thing at a time and we’ll try our best to help.:slight_smile:


I know the CSS. I have just some problem with this footer.

I have tested something with Firebub :

What I have to do ?

Thank you !


I know the CSS. I have just some problem to design this footer.

I have tested something with Firebug :

Now what I have to do ?

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

The element is set to clear:both so it will start underneath.

You need to do something like this to get them in the right position to start with:

#supplementary #first {
#supplementary #second {
#supplementary #third {
#text-9 { float:left; }
#text-10, #recent-posts-4 {
#second label {
#second input {
	margin:5px 0

Ok thank you very much Paul O’B. Works fine !

Do you know how I can descend the “Rencent post” element ?

It’s ok now!

Thank you !