Do all programming languages run on the same algorithms or are algorithms in each language relatively unrelated?

I was thinking of maybe making a start with algorithms but clueless as to where to begin. I was think if there are core consepts then I could start with them.

My experience is zilch other than understanding the basics of html, css and now trying javascript.

There is a book that might help called, Practical Algorithms for Programmers


[COLOR=#464646]Algorithms or functions/methods between languages are often similarly named or at least have functionalities across languages that are similar. This is true for syntax such as brackets and end-of-line/end-of-command terminators.

As you may know (now that you are learning JavaScript) that JS is a front-end language as opposed to a server-side language such as PHP or C#.NET.

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to start to have a web-site that can interact with a database, then you may want to look at PHP. The PHP manual is quite good and there are many good books regarding PHP. A good place to start is [/COLOR]PHP & MYSQL[URL=“”]NOVICE TO NINJA, 5TH EDITION

A front-end language like JavaScript can be used to help support the user experience. It is nice to learn how to work with AJAX as it is a facet of JavaScript that allows one (among other things) to update web content without forcing the user to reload a page. JavaScript is also used in conjunction with the emerging Node.js, which is an event-driven server framework that allows you to write applications using JavaScript. The trouble with this, is it is not yet pervasive and so learning it as a beginner with little experience might be a bit tough.

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I think you don’t know the meaning of algorithem.

Algorithem is the group of steps in which your programm will be run and you execute a particuler task.So algoritham of any program is same but the logic are diffrent.

Algorithm is a core subject for software engineering. It is a set of instructions for solving a problem.
Normally we solve a problem using a computer as a tools with:

Input –> Process –> Output

Algorithm plays it roles during process run time. You design a set of instruction for computer to execute. It is not about the language, it is about how you told the computer to complete the job. Just my 2 sense

And it is your own implementation, you have to create something unique!