Algorithms test?

i m not good with php but i applied for php job and got the interview call, in which they said there will be alogorithms test. what is that suppose to mean? any advice?

Algorithm is a set of steps followed to solve a problem.

It could be anything, as long as you know PHP well and can think logically you should be okay.

thanks for the info. any site, where i can test my skills related to php and algo.

Again, what they’re going to ask can be anything.

One interview I did, the guy asked me to write a SQL query given a particular situation, which I wasn’t expecting, but it was a basic JOIN, so it was easy.

I would go to a bookstore and start reading through advanced PHP books.

This may sound harsh but if you know your stuff you shouldn’t be concerned. If you don’t well than your probably not going to get the job anyway so take it as a learning experience.

So i had the interview, just wanted to share it with you guys for FYI, all of questions was were about arrays

So how did it go? Did you know the answers?

Nope, i wish i did. i have such passion for dynamic website but i don’t know why i don’t get my head around it.over and over again i love php but fail terribly.
I do have some good concepts about few things but i don’t know why i love it so much and yet i can’t wrap my head around it.