AJAX problem with my PHP request

So, bascially, I have made a page with posts, called entry.php which gets the $_GET[‘id’] as a post id that is situated in the database. Ultimately, it looks like, for instance:


And here’s the PHP code from my php file entry.php :

<?php require_once("../inc/config.php");
require_once(ROOT_PATH . "inc/entries.php");
$user = new User();
$entry = $collection->findOne(array("_id" => $_GET['id']));

$action = (!empty($_POST['post-comment'])) 
&& (($_POST['post-comment']) === "Post a Comment") ? 'save_post' : 'show_form';
switch($action) {
  case 'save_post':
    $connect = new MongoClient();
    $choqlet = $connect->selectDB('choqlet');
    $entries = $choqlet->selectCollection('entries');
    $post_comment = array('$push' => 
    array("comments" => array(
    "_id" => new MongoId(),
    "comment" => $_POST['comment'],
    "author" => $user->username,
    "date" => new MongoDate()
    "_id" => $_GET["_id"]), $post_comment);
          header("Location: " . BASE_URL);
    } catch(MongoConnectionException $e) {
      die("Failed to connect to database" .
    catch(MongoException $e) {
      die("Failed to insert data". $e->getMessage());

    case 'show_form':

It is MongoDB database, but it doesn’t matter, its not the issue.

The issue is that on the entry.php page there is a button which, when clicked, pulls the AJAX request and displays the comment_form.php, which is here:

            $user = new User();

            if (!isset($_SESSION['user_id'])) { ?>

            <h4 class="small grey">You need to <a href="../login.php">log in</a> in order to post a message.</h4>

                  <?php } else { ?>

              <form method="post">

                  <table class="table borderless">
                                <textarea  class="form-control" name="comment" rows="3" id="comment" placeholder="Post a Comment..."></textarea>

                    <h4 class="small"> logged as <strong><a href="#"><?php echo $user->username; ?></strong></a></h4>
                    <input type="submit" id="post-comment" value="Post a Comment">                 

                  <?php } ?> 

So, as seen, it checks whether the user is logged in, and if he/she is logged in, displays the form, otherwise, shows the log in direction.

The problem is with action=“” of that form, because when I post anything the entry.php doesn’t recognize that $_POST request, but is instead, recognized only within the comment_form.php boundary.

How to solve that issue? I’d prefer to leave it in this way, because it can be further animated, as it is by jQuery/AJAX way.

Ok, turned out to be just a typo…