AJAX Load Content From Another Internal Page

Hiya Everyone,

I’ve removed my sidebar on this page to make it easy to maintain the vast amount of growing pages, to be able to edit my sidebar now located [URL=“http://rafflebananza.com/admin/SideBar.html”]here.


<div id="FetchSideBar">


New Javascript:


This is actually my first AJAX attempt, I may have gone around doing what I wish to do completely wrong, or correct apart from some syntaxes or whatnot?

Best Regards,

Seems pretty straightforward, to me. If it isn’t broke, you did it correctly. I’m a little OCD, so I’d put a semi-colon after the “})” on the last line, but it’s not going to break if you don’t.



Looking at the page I’ve set it up on, it is not working.

I’ve just resolved this issue. All I needed to do was to add http://

AH! Missed that one. Good eyes.


The irony!!! I’m actually registered blind/severally-sighted and need a minimum of a x500 percent magnification enabled :stuck_out_tongue: