Ajax in Ajax

I’m using ajax navigation on my site because I think it does produce a rather nice effect.

The plus is that it is also degradable when javascript is turned off.

However, I have a problem… Is it possible to run ajax on the already ajaxified page.

SpatialVoid :: Premium Custom Designing, go to contact and im using ajax contact form. When you submit it, the script fallsback to non javascript.

How can I get ajax working on pages that are ajaxed?


The way you have things now, when you press the submit button, the page sends an HTML POST request to your PHP page. Then the PHP page loads in your browser.

Instead, you’ll need to use the jQuery post method to submit the information to the PHP page and retrieve information sent back: jQuery.post() – jQuery API

It’s a little complicated, so I’d advise to start out by doing a little googling for tutorials and examples as a first step, then come back with more specific questions as they come up.

I was hoping therell be an easier solution, should i just take out ajax navigation?

I would. It’s less complicated that way, and really isn’t necessary in this case.