AJAX examples only operate on Firefox?

Hi, I am reading ebook jQuery (novice to rambo) from Sitepoint. Currently I practice example 2 & 3 of Chapter 6. I wonder its examples only operates on Firefox?! When I try it on Google Chrome (v22), if I click into links, it only creates blank without display content of other pages. If I try examples on IE8 & Opera 12. It will redirect to subpage which store content …

After click hyperlink:

Google Chrome

IE & Opera

It sounds like you are running these HTML files by double clicking on them (i.e. file:/// URLs).

A lot of browsers won’t load anything from an AJAX request when a file is opened directly from the hard drive. Fear not, the solution is simple, you only need to run Apache or IIS to get things happening.

If you’re after a local setup for Apache, I tend to use the XAMPP package a lot - makes for a pretty painless way to install Apache (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html).