Has anyone tried playing airsoft? It’s a really awesome game of military simulation and tactics of wargames where you use an airsoft rifle or gun that is 1:1 replica of the real deal and shoots out bb’s at a velocity of 360-400 feet per second. I love how players dress up in their favorite battle dress uniforms and move around in game scenarios like real marines or navy seals.

Yes I’ve been playing airsoft since 1998, and yes it’s one hell of a game, more realistic than Paintball weapons and tactics did bridged the gap between real deal and toy gun. In states 360-400 is the legal FPS but in some other country in Asia they used Open FPS on Jungle and 400 on CQB/URBAN type.

Cool game.I always played Airsoft game online…Amazing game.I love the shooting guns of different kinds…

I have played King of the Hill, an Airsoft game. It is an exciting game play as defender protect the flag and base.
As attacker conquer the hill and capture the flag & base.

Have you played the game “A game of the thrones” ? The episode is very spectacular, so is the game.

Yes, I play also. It’s amazing game. I like it.

you’ve been playing for a long time man. i started playing on 2006 and i just got hooked on this game. It’s totally awesome i modified my BDU’s and my AEG’s to look exactly lke how a US marine’s mk18 mod looks like and how a navy seal’s Hk 416 looks like. a truly awesome game beats playing paintball. (no offense against paintballers)

I think my gun can speak louder than words…

PTW MAX M4 2008 (base)
RS Vltor Vis-1 (custom modified)
Prime CNC Noveske Lower Receiver
RS Magpul UBR stock
Magpul MIAD Grip
RS EOTech 553
Surefire M900V
Replica Troy Sights
LIPO conversion
Water proofing
Motor rewind (eliminates infamous motor sound)
Hopup mod

Off Topic:

Not that I’m bragging or anything :wink:

I’ve been playing on and off since I’ve been in highschool about 8 years ago. Sadly the airsoft community is just about none existent where I live now. So she has not seen any play in a few months. The closest game(s) to me are about 2.5 hours away which sucks and makes it difficult/task to attend.

Cool gun! It really speaks a lot! :slight_smile: