Ahhh...Why is my site not functioning?

I think it’s about time I threw in the towel, unless some of you more technical coding guys can give me the heads up as to what I have done wrong. I know that I have somehow messed up the functions for the sites “search” & “post” functions but just can’t see the wood for the trees I did this site via FrontPage and after FTPing had to sort out the ‘derived nortbots’ and in doing so have messed up the coding ‘me thinks’. The whole bases of the site is for the ‘posting’ and ‘searching’ of ads placed to the site and thus will be useless without these functions. Any help greatly appreciated, then perhaps I may sleep again! The websitesite is: couriers4ebay dot co dot uk

I don’t see any scripts that would actually be performing the search. There’s no logic behind the form. Am I missing something?