Aggregating data into visual dashboard?

There are a number of insights and analytics available to provide a better sense of how my site is performancing.

Is there a way to aggregate this data into a visual dashboard so that I can view the performance of my site at a glance?

I just recently checked out, but it’s not exactly what I’m seeking. Metricly can take data from multiple sources and regurgitate it into one area, but it can’t repurpose the data into a simple dashboard data.

I want a analytics tool that will show me in one simple interface how I’m trending in page views, visits, conversions, but I also want to see # of tweets, trend in rss subscriptions, trend in my Alexa, Quantcast, PageRank, and Technorati rankings, # of inbound links, # of email subscribers, etc.

Does such a product exist?


i thin it is hard by to find all those features for free…(may be need to search quite a bit)
at the same time i hope you have tried
google analytics
not bad at all though doesnt cover all your reqiurements