After login opening app in a new windows. how?

hey folks,
i m making a web app. after login i want the app run in a 1280*800 size window. i saw many tuts on how to make a popup window but what i don’t get it where should i post the code? in the login page or the main home page and so on? can anyone help me with code n where to paste it. thnx

I don’t know other than the JS code to open a new window in a proper way. If you want to open a new window upon successful login it will be something like this in PHP.

    echo '<script type="text/javascript">"filenametoopen.php?parameter=paramvalue", "myWindow", "width=1280,height=800");</script>';

where i paste this code? in index (login) page or home

It would be nice if you can paste it in the login processing page and just below/after the line where it checks whether login is successful or not.