Affiliate programs who offering "custom coupon code"

I’ve been doing some research into affiliate programs which, instead of using affiliate links with a unqiue ID in it, use a simple coupon code which advertisers can publish on their website . The customer just needs to use the promo code when checking out, and the sale is tracked.

Anyone know any merchants that do this type of thing?

Not that I know of. Most use coupon codes to discount on products, never heard of tracking purposes. I know there are some around but never really found them.

If they give unique codes to you like:
coupon: trsaso is associated only with traso they can track it down.

I am in the coupon industry and I’m looking at this system. Not safe for me yet ( or missing information ).
Safer: there are providers that give you link with coupons on them. You press the link and you get a discount from the beginning.