Affiliate Marketing

I am a new comer in this field. I Want to know, what kind of marketing system for affiliate marketing without SEO based work?:slight_smile:

You can try and etc. open account as a advertiser and advertise your product.

Are you asking for ideas on how to market an affiliate website without using SEO?

There are plenty of ways to promote a website, SEO is one of my favorites because of how targeted all of the traffic is, but you could use Adwords or another ad network if you want to pay for traffic.

However, Google’s Adwords algorithm takes most of the same attributes into consideration that their SEO algorithm looks for. This means you will end up paying more per click if your webpage is not properly optimized.

You could also send traffic through social media sites, but I usually prefer to use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest more for long-term traffic and branding.

There are hundreds of different ways to promote a site though, you are only limited by your creativity.