Advise reagrding creating a new web site

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I am working on a project to create an online library, for useful jquery scripts that I have collected in the past few days. I thought it might be a good experience to work on a project that is related to archiving. I do want to hand script everything from scratch but I havea problem with creating a searchable archive of documents. Plus would any one know of a way of creating wordpress style layouts for articles and post, as in a way to integrate into my html document. I was thinking of having each article as a different page and adding links to all of them on a single page.

Most ideal, I would like to create something like this: . Any advise that you could dispense to an amerture web developer would be most helpful. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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A copyright perceive on a website will frequently set out what you can and can’t do with the material on that site. You may wish to add a appropriate copyright notice to your own website.


Are you saying that you just want to create a searchable archive of Jquery scripts on a wordpress platform? If so there are a couple of plugins out there that claim to do something similar. You may have to code a little bit to get exactly what you want.

Here is one of the plugins I found through a search,

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