Advice PHP Mysql member member email how to build tutorial


I am looking to build a PHP mysql email system for logged in members.

I am looking for a step by step tutorial.

It can be a book, an online tutorial, a video or even a GitHub download.

Any suggestions? I mostly find PHP emailer or other stuff.


That’s quite a specific thing to look for a tutorial on. First, I’d say you need to define exactly what features it needs to have. Once you have that list, you could look for more information on each of them. By the sound of it you want a private messaging system.

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Thanks yes! That’s the correct term - when I searched for it things came up right away.

The big problem for us beginners / intermediate developers is using the right term or description for the right problem.

I appreciate your time and yes - now correct term.

If anyone has any suggestions - happy to review. Otherwise, I can see lots of examples online.

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