Advice on Responsive Menu

I have tried a few menus , some are nice, some don’t work or look right. Anyone know of one like “flexy menu”. I like this one but don’t have the time to debug it.

I put the same exact code on 2 pages both use includes files, but only 1 page with the subject menu under 768px works properly… I don’t want to lose people on mobile devices when the menu is fully open on one page (in error) and the other it works as it is supposed to.
I looked into it being a “me error” but when I duplicate the same everything in html code (heading,paths,body,div names) and I get a different result because the page has a different name, I have to move on. The files shared the same include files.
So, I am looking for a horizontal menu that gives you that 3 bar icon and use of jquery to drop it down (easing) upon a tap.
I’ve seen the top 25 or 50 w/ a big tyrannical G search, anything not so conspicuous that is more recent.
Oh, and it should be multi-level

Darn it was user error. Please delete this thread. difference was some js file at bottom loading.