Advice on new hosting provider (cloud, 12gb ram, 4CPUs 24/7 phone support)


I am looking for a new hosting provider, and was wondering if anyone can suggest a really good one with a good price.

Here is what I need:

Cloud Hosting
Using Wordpress (managed hosting)
Minimum 4 CPUs
12GB of Ram (auto-scaling enabled) because the hits can spike at certain events.
200GB of space (SSD)
Linux hosting of course
Cpanel or something similar.
24/7 PHONE support (I don’t want any outsourced support. I want the support within North America)
CDN capabilities

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

For a North American host springs to mind, they’e official partners for Ellislab (ExpressionEngine) but they have fully optimised Wordpress servers as well.

what is your budget,do you have any location preference.


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