Advice on finding/hiring B2B Sales personnel


I recently launched a new B2B website (helps companies to create online courses) and am looking to hire my first sales person. The town where I live is relatively small (70K), and was thinking that I might need to look remotely to find someone to do the job well. Does anyone have any advice as to how I might begin such a search?

Are you looking for a full time employee, or some sort of contract/freelance work, or what’s your fancy?

It would be a fully commission-based position (on-going for each sale since the product has a monthly fee associated with it) so it would be up to the sales person.

Gotcha. You could try somewhere like Elance or Odesk. I’m not sure how well those platforms do for sales representatives. I would strongly suggest staying clear of applicants that aren’t native language speakers for your market, though.

You could also just drop a listing onto Monster or Indeed or Glassdoor or something, if you wanted to blanket search for applicants. Or are you wanting to look a bit more selectively?

There are probably others that would work out, too. Do you have a job description or posting anywhere?

Hi Jeffrey,

I don’t have a job posting up yet – this will be the first time I’ve ever hired someone and I figured that I’d first see where to look and get a sense as to what’s out there; I’ll definitely check out Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

And when you say “more selectively”, it would be easier if it were a US person (not super necessary, but less of a paperwork issue), and if they were tech savvy (using, not programming), that would of course be helpful as well.

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