Advice on Facebook app for campaign (coupons)

I’m no developer, so I’d like some input in a good Facebook application/plugin that can be used for a campaign where:

  1. Users land on campaign page with note “like us and get 10% off selected products voucher”

  2. When “like” is clicked, the page changes and a voucher is generated.

  3. User goes to our webshop, when selected items are included in basket on checkout, then extra field to enter voucher code is displayed (not otherwise visible).

We use JSHOP v 1.2.0 + Filemaker pro developer 6.0v3 Dev.

If you just wanted to do a coupon an app would provide it but the integration you want is clearly custom. You’ll need to find a developer to help build this for you…

That is exactly why I posted here, as I said, to get a developer input!

Sorry, but no one here is going to build your app for free and this is not a marketplace. Moreover, this forum is dedicated to Facebook page content, not development of apps. Thread closed.