Advice on concept

Could i get some advice on how best to build something like the image above. I’d like to have a fixed column. and to be able to slide the components to its right beneath it. both in dekstop and mobile version.
I was wondering what would be the best way to achieve it?
Does anyone know of a live site with this type of set up i could look up?

Thank you

I should think you could do this with CSS animation and setting a z-index on the various components.

don’t think that would help w/a slide feature though.

Are you talking about a drag/drop sorta slide?

Nope. the larger chunk would be updated by the developer. the user would be able to slide it under the column on the left. The larger chunk would also have additional content w/an an overflow:hidden settings so it is displayed as the columns within slide back & forth.

the only example i can come up w/is a mobile one. for the site.
I’d like to be able to implement something like that.

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