Advice on charging support packages for completed sites

Hi all,

I’ve read and searched the forums for pricing info already but it all seems geared towards general pricing and I believe support packages are a little different … at least I think … I’ve “googled” it too without much luck.

I’m at a point now where my current site is almost complete and I’ve had no issues with charging, or finding a rate to use until now.

I’ve not yet offered support to client, by this I mean monthly security checks, updates, etc. to the core WordPress system and the theme/plugins used. Basically making sure everything is running fine and that any core updates are taken care of.

The site was a theme installation and (minor) customisation for a small reviews site that the client has been charged two days for, my previous employer of four years charged exorbitant fees to large corporate entities for support so it doesn’t help me too much when dealing with much smaller clients needs.

I normally say this maintenance is half a days work, four hours. For a monthly charge I will do this for the value of three hours, or they can choose to go elsewhere or pay the hourly rate as is. This way I’ll tackle any code issues and make sure it all runs fine … my loss if I screw up.

Normally this makes perfect sense in my mind as half a day is reasonable for checking everything is okay and running, making backups, etc. But, the site was only a two day build and I’m basically charging 25% of the projects total budget, every month … in other peoples experience is it better to have multiple tiers for charging for this kind of thing or just stick with the price.

She’s a bit of a business hard ass and her consistency is so-so, it’d be nice to have the little extra cash per month however. In reality I’ve done his work many times before and I can probably complete everything within an hour maybe two if it’s a perfect scenario and I’m really gunning it, occasionally things go wrong though (normally spectacularly when they do) or there’s some code updates to a plugin/theme.

Any advice from anyone when dealing with support pricing?