Advice on a Personal Website

Hello, I could do with some advice :slight_smile:

I have purchased a domain and plan to set up a personal website. I would like to write articles and post code about various things, and I am leaning towards a Pesonal section, Factual section and a Professional section.

Personal Section

  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Opinion
  • Art
  • Photo and video
  • Jokes

Factual Section

  • Statistics
  • Infographics
  • Charts
  • Aim for no bias
  • Referenced to from Personal, Professional and elsewhere

Professional Section

  • Small programs/code snippets
  • articles on programming/computer science etc
  • Opinions on work related things
  • Strictly professional

I am wondering what peoples experiences might have been in finding the balance between what to say, what not to say, what to allow visitors to do and not do.

I have heard of bloggers getting death threats, trolls, etc before…

Opinion-based articles/posts are referred to as editorials in print. You might be able to use that when dividing things up into categories.

You can say whatever you want–just be prepared to accept the consequences of what you’re saying. Personally, I would keep you any personally identifiable information or images off the site (names, birthdays, photos of familty, employment/employer details, etc.)

As for trolls and whatnot, you can send all comments to a moderation queue first before publishing them and set up spam filtering. For the most part, people who are posting these extreme negative comments do so behind the veil of anonymity and really can’t do much more than stir the pot to try to get a reaction.

First and foremost thing is to to categories the site in diffrent section and make sure people know waht to post in each section with the FAQ or other infromatic page.

You need to broadly classified each section. They may be people mis uderstood the class where to put in the article as many of them are confusing like Opinion in first. Instead of it but advice or suggestion.

Professional part need to classified in diffrent programmingt section like languages and technology wise. Use Different categories like in frousm we have and then sub categories. Like web devlopment and then PHP, ASP, Python etc in sub part of it.

Do this way. It’s suggest my point of view.

Think about the relations between your blog categories first, you have lots of topics that are completely different, I recommend searching for related websites that are talking about your niches, and see how they organize their content, you will find lots of idea and how to organize your blog in general. lots of people learn from their own experience and they create a good blog layout over time. Also, add your mean categories to the mean menu, that will help in SEO.

Thank you all. Some really good points to think about.

I agree with looking at other blogs with many visitors. Look at what kind of content they are posting, which content generates a lot of comments, etc. Decide on who is your target audience.

I too would second this point of visiting other blogs and start small and walk to the big. Content juice is very important and topics and matter need to be of reader’s interest . The right classification also makes a difference so that your readers do not get confused and whatever they are looking for comes right to them. For the beginning, do not keep so many categories which you find difficult to fill up with fresh content. Lesser but quality content would be a good start, as per my opinion.

I’d love to hear what others have to say.