Advice on 2 new technologies?

Hello guys,
I would like to know what technology powers these 2 things and how I could learn them ?

  1. On
    When You put your mouse over the links on the left, a pop out appears and at times you can have a picture at the bottom of the pop out, and most interestingly the picture seems to popout of the frame ???

Am guessing its jquery, but are there any samples, learning tutorials on this ?

see example

  1. Middle scrolling context with the sony image.

What is this technology called, with the middle scrolling image, with the sony camera

  • Note it has little boxes at the bottom showing you how many contents are there and when you put your mouse over, arrows on the left and right appear, allowing you to scroll the content.

see example here

any advise would be greatly appreciated

many thanks


hello there,

this can be done with several tricks… the amazone website use Jquery with Navbar tags… i assume it’s something coded for them… but you can do the same stuff with some tweack, check this sample exemples : and