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Hello Friends,

my last post here dates almost ten years :laughing:.

I need (again) your help, I have to set a new site, I’ll use WP.
What hosting service would you suggest for a basic (functional) WordPress e-commerce site?
I am based in Italy and my old site is currently hosted by Aruba.

Thank you as always for your time

Welcome back!

Pretty much any web host these days will have a 1-click install for WordPress, so I would focus on those that have the best reviews for hosting in general and that are in your preferred price range.

Thanks @ralphm

I compared a few hosting services, they all have a basic WordPress package (database, emails, ssl, etc.) for about 50 € a year. Assuming I chose the basic plan, how usable, in your experience, is this bundle for a small e-commerce? Would there be chances it be at its limit with just the full site online and slow down/crash as soon as a few simultaneous users are connected?

I’m not really experienced with ecommerce, but it could be okay for just starting out, if you’re not selling a lot. I expect you’d need more oomph for a store doing decent sales, but Im just most hosts would let you upgrade with a few clicks.

I guess I would just start out with the basic and the upgrade if needed. Thanks a lot for your time

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I think you can try SiteGround or Bluehost. They have beginner-friendly WordPress hosting solutions. Anyways ,compare their features and prices for finding the best fit for your e-commerce site.

You can also try hosting companies from south asian countries as they are not only good in quality but also cheap. There are a number of WordPress hosting providers in Pakistan and one of them is ServerSea Hosting.

You can check out their Shared hosting or WordPress hosting plans.


They server clients from all over the world.

Thank you so much @heatherblack05 and @harryvol5 for your tips

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If you are in Italy, and customers for the site are also Italians, you might want to have an Italia-based server. Or Germany-based servers are usually good too. I don’t know about Italian hosting service, but if Germany is good for you, and you can manage server yourself, Hetzner is a good choice. Again, if you can manage server yourself. Hetzner is an unmanaged server, they provide hardware, network, and you need to configure server yourself. With that, price is unbeatable. And I find the network is good, I don’t have any problem for my servers there.

Thanks @hungpham, true it seems a pretty good one.

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