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I have run my own website now for quite a few years so it has grown over time and i have just build on it over time.

However, for the first time in about 8 years I have decided I want to start a website from scratch. I know what the website will be about and I believe my target audience could prove to be pretty big.

The first things I did was open up social media accounts and then decide what platforms I wanted to build my website on. I decided to use Wordpress and IPB Forum. These are two platforms I have experience with due to my current website.

This is where the dilemma comes in - In the past I have purchased already made themes and heavily edited them to my needs. With this website I want to build from scratch so I was wondering if anyone had any good wordpress theme tutorials.

Also - I need to start bringing the members in once i am up and running - would you have any tips i could use? Before when I started out I used to sign up to forums and shamlessly spam my website but I don’t want to go down that route this time as I feel I have gained respect for website owners who build their sites from scratch.

I have 1 tip: Make sure it is responsive, that is, it can be easily readable on small mobile devices. I read this article recently that may help you:

Make it responsive and easy to navigate. And Focus on quality content rather than SEO and building backlinks.

Hope that helps.

If you want to truly build your own website, then don’t use WordPress - that is configuring a pre-made application. Yuck!

As far as advice on your business, it would help if you could share a little more of what you plan to do - without divulging everything…

Focus on everything, Dont leave anything behind. Everyday focus on something different thats what I do, if your consistent with your tasks then you’ll have a successful website. for example

  • Choose one day to write a new post
  • one day to optimize your pages
  • one day to comment on other blogs related to your niche
  • one day to add backlinks

If you insist on Wordpress and you are confident in your customizing abilities, you will probably want to look in to using a framework rather than a single premade theme.

Have a look at Genesis, Pagelines, Gantry, Canvas, etc.
Elegantthemes is another place to look at.

If you want 100% custom, you could start with a barebones template like Bones, Underscore, or HTML5 reset.

It sounds like you know HTML, CSS, and possibly even PHP and Javascript, at least enough to modify existing Wordpress themes. You might save your money and look at some of the free themes. Many are just as good as the commercial ones.

Here is a series of tutorial and a list of tutorials.
tutorial #1
tutorial #2
tutorial #3

list of tutorials

You’ll have to browse through them and decide which is written in a style that is best suited for you.

I like WP and use it myself, but depending on the kind of site you plan to build, you might consider a CMS (Content Management System) that is not built around the blog model. I happen to like Wolf CMS because it imposes no structure and no look or feel to my website. I’m entirely in control. Of course, that means I have to write all the code, but once I write the code for one kind of page, Wolf uses it in every page I specify.

However, Wolf CMS doesn’t have the thousands of plugins for calendars, categories, widgets, special home pages, sliding picture galleries, etc. You’ll have to code whatever you want. Here’s a list of lightweight CMSs, though I don’t recommend the ones that don’t use a database except for the simplest of websites.
fantastic lightweight CMSs

Finally, yeah, don’t spam forums. I don’t think it works anyway. I’m not a marketing expert, so I can only suggest you google for marketing your website strategies.

The best tip I can give that worked for me is to reach out to others (the target audience) in your semi-immediate circle that centers around your website’s focus. Before I considered opening any sites I was already an active voice in the topic I wanted to cover. If others notice you’re opening a place that will highlight and exhibit those views you expressed in the past, then they will be sure to at least check out your site.

For the technical part of that, I always greet members of that target audience as I always do and when I am discussing the usual topic and focus. The difference is if it appears welcomed, I’ll send them a private message or an email to say hello and that if they would like to see more of my viewpoint to check out my site. I do this carefully because one, no spam and I’d feel terrible if someone saw my message as such. Second is because if I leave a good impression with this person, they will most likely tell their friends, ect, ect. I like to pick out those who are outspoken. Even those who are quiet, I’ll approach privately because they tend to be the type to speak profusely about their experience with you and your site to many others.

For me, this is all being my usual self. The only difference is I offer a direct invitation via private message to check out my site. I also ask for input on it and tell them I value any input they may have on it. After all, it may be fun to build the site in the beginning, but we do it for the visitors and their own personal variables they bring to this proverbial table crafted with our ideas in mind. I make sure to keep the discussion going and their voices are sure to follow after.

That’s my personal tip. As @RobertSF mentioned above, there’s web marketing methods to use as well. But I use them in conjunction with honest online contact so potential visitors know there’s an open, friendly channel for them to speak with me if they need anything.

Kevinseotips says better. I agree with him. Thanks Kevinseotips:)

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