Advice for a band/musicians website!

Hi there guys and gals, I want some help with an idea for a website. I really don’t know if I’ll really create the website… but if I will come up with a good stable idea I’ll probably look into it. Ok, here we go: I would to create a website for musicians and artists of various genre. Let’s say for actors too. Here is a list of the features that could be included:

  • a community to talk about everything (from music to various arts)
  • a merchandise system so musicians can sell their instruments and this type of things
  • dedicated pages for bands/single musicians/single artists
  • what else? do you have suggestions?

Any type of suggestion is appreciated! As said I don’t know if I’ll really go on with this project, so just imagine how the best website for bands and musicians and actors could be and post your ideas! And obviously, thanks in advance!


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Sounds like MySpace pre-2005 and post-2008.


I’d first talk to musicians and see if there is any interest. Find out what they want and what features current sites are lacking in. Then take a close look at your competitors, and offer things they don’t that would be used.


I thought that a good thing would be this:

  • a section dedicated only to music theory. A complete guide to music theory.
  • a section dedicated to guitars. How they are made, which are the most common guitar exercises, etc.
  • the same like above for bass guitar and drums

Do you mean famous songs lyrics pages?

I read your OP as a site about famous groups/music.

If so, definitely lyrics.

But even if this is an indie site with local/regional artists, why not also include their lyrics?

Lyrics mean as much as the music does to me.

Furthermore, while it require lots of legwork, if you can get permission to include cover-art all the better.

No, I don’t want to create a website for famous persons/artists… I would like it it be more focused on emerging artists.

IMHO interviews would be interesting to read.

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Yes, I already thought on that! Thank you for posting!

If you could post short sound clips it would be nice too.

And if you have the time and resources to moderate, letting visitors comment on the clips I think the idea has great potential.

Do you mean a system like soundcloud where users can add comments at different times in the song while this is still playing?

I was thinking more like short samples where visitors could post comments like
“great guitar riff”
“awesome drum solo” etc.

Of course don’t go into this being naive thinking all comments will be like you hope they will be.
You’ll get a lot of SPAM and you’ll need to decide what to do with negative comments eg.
"a 3 chord wonder! BAH!’
“I hate heavy metal, this band justifies my opinion”
type stuff that may or may not provide useful feedback for the band that they may or may not want to hear let alone remain findable by search engines.

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Sounds line a good project for :slight_smile:

Yeah, I already know Jamroom. :smile:

Excellent idea!

What better way to spotlight an emerging group than through an interview.

That would be definitely a good idea. I had this structure ideas for now (let me know your opinions!):

Music Theory
Study of Drums
Study of PianoForte
Guitar Theorik
Study of Bass
Online Promotion
Performer’s Art (CMS) - Web Music Network IT - guide di teoria musicale (music theory guides and tutorials) - info per i performer (the art of performing, tutorials etc) - everything on drums - everything on the bass guitar - everything on the guitar - everything on the pianoforte - study of online promotion for bands - dedicated section of the website for interviews to single artists and bands - dedicated to the homerecording world (WordPress) - a blog where write articles on the various topics, based on WP
/home-recording - a community, forum based place where everyone can talk - support forum where people can talk and give suggestions on the network itself - a dedicated page for users (eg. Everyone who register on get a single user profile for the entire website. Later you can add your band, add components to your band and so on… like for Facebook and the Pages option. You have your own profile and you can add Pages to it that you manage. I don’t knok, this should be studied really well in order to create something good. By the way, the registration should be unique, even for the WP under

This could be a real great big dream… I know how hard it would be to currently realize something like this… but you never know. Maybe here I find someone who’s intrested to develope it with me (I can only manage it, I’m not a coder nor a programming guy nor a decent web designer). :smile:

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