Advice about OOP in JS

Actually, about long post on the techniques

Paul, could you please explain actual situation with OOP in JS? I mean, now I use…


var Foo = function()
{; // quasi extension or misc

    var me = this; // for closures and private methods

    // method overriding
    var oldConstruct = this.construct;
    this.construct = function()

        // something new

    var _p = 1; // private property

    this.getP = function() {return _p;} // public method

    var f = function()
        // private method

or singleton…

var singleton = new function()
    // something

What about interfaces, protected methods, constants and so on?.. I don’t know.

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Sorry, but I stay away from OOP techniques. Those are techniques from other programming languages that are less effective in JavaScript. Among the many many articles I’ve been seeing about this over the last couple of years is:

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I disagree with that.

Thank’s a lot for the article. But if this the class realisation in JS, I better stay on “function as class”. At least. there I have a private properties.

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