Advertising: Can You Make Money Running A Server At Home?

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who hosts their website on a server operating out of their home. Anyone?

I was also wondering if the upstream speed of their home internet service provider is fast enough to handle all the hits necessary to generate any kind of meaningful income from advertising.

My upstream speed is 100 KB/sec (856kb). So it would take about 1 second for each page to be transmitted assuming a webpage size of 100 kb (small, I know). If it takes 10,000 hits per day to generate decent income from advertising, that’s almost a GIG of transfer in a single day! I think that may be too much for a server running of an ISP connection, especially if the hits aren’t distributed evenly.

Any thoughts or anyone successfully running a profitable server off their home ISP out there?

That would be ok I guess on a low level, but it would be hard to do on a commercial level. It would be cheaper just to go through a commercial host like powweb or something.

it may be possible on a smaller scale, but why would you want to when you can get budget hosting for a few $ a month?

Charter Cable 384/768

Dell Poweredge 400sc P4 1 gig RAM

Averages between $350 and $400 per month pure adsense.

About 100 uniques per day.

Because I can :slight_smile:

You can also run down the street naked singing the ABC’s :wink:

Uhh no… You’d get arrested. Try again.

If you’re going to try this make sure its allowed by your net provider. I know that Rogers Cable (my net provider) specifically prohibits running any kind of server.

I would say this is an easy way to ask for trouble, but it depends on your home (existence of pets etc).

My DSL provider is Qwest and there is nothing in the terms of service that I’ve seen prohibiting the running of web servers from home. That’s one reason I chose DSL over cable. I know that just about every cable ISP prohibits running a web server from home.

The reason I wanted to run a web server from home is because it wouldn’t cost me anything. But damn, I see that Powweb is less than $100 per year for 5 Gigs per DAY of transfer! That’s tough to beat. But just starting out, with absolutely no income and little traffic, I’d rather not sink any money into a year-long hosting plan if I don’t have to.

But if you are getting 10,000 hits per day, I guess you couldn’t run your server from home. You’d probably need something professional at that point.

That’s precisely what I do…

I start out sites on my home server so if the idea fails all I’ve lost is the time it took to put the site up. But if it succeeds like vtctalk I make money for a while with no hosting fees, then when it gets too big I just move it to a paid server which by that time the site is already making enough money to pay for itself.

I really don’t see why it would be done any other way, but that’s just me, I’m cheap :).

You can get the exact same server I described above (maybe less RAM) on eBay almost every day for $300 or so.

and that $300 will pay for over 5 years of budget hosting :wink:

does adelphia cable prohibit running a web server?

C’mon, there’s places out there with $2 a month hosting. The amount of electricity you use running your server will cost more than that per month!


If you’re asking this kind of a question it is doubtful that you’re a capable server administrator so you shouldn’t do it :wink: I personally have dedicated servers so any new site I come up with doesn’t cost me anything extra.

PLUS your pr0n will be downloading slower since the site will be eating up your bandwidth.

Not a good idea in my opinion.

Terrible idea unless you can’t afford anything and are just starting out on your own. However if you can’t afford $5-10 a month to get started for hosting I don’t think you really stand a chance since domain registration is in that price range tool.

If you are making $300 a month or $100 a month and think you NEED a dedicated server then check out you can get one for ~$120 a month w/CPANEL which will help you setup multiple domains/sites easily and fast.

I run a couple dedicated servers for my sites. Knowing my data IS backed up, and knowing Im responsible for any problems is a good feeling... If youve never run a server or are completely new to web hosting then it’s probably not for you. It requires a lot more than a nice server, and some bandwidth. You need to keep ALL your software up to date to prevent exploits, backdoors, and people hammering your sites. Most of the features you are used to from even free hosts require work and or knowledge to get running properly on your own server.

I see people mentioning “dedicated servers”. Apparently virtual servers (multiple domains on a server) aren’t popular for heavy-traffic websites.

I have no idea how many hits a day a professional web server can handle. Dedicated is going to cost a lot more than shared, I’m sure.

A virtual private server can handle pretty good traffic and usually are cheaper than a fully dedicated server.

Well it costs me $3200 in Turkey, in order to handle 15,000,000 page views a month.
Leased line + 24/7 UPS + Server + Electric consumption + maintaining bla bla…
I prefer renting…