Advanced excerpt

Can you tell me what the filter is designating? Because I’ve tried changing and deleting everything and it does nothing. Well, except taking out the array :slight_smile:

<?php echo $advancedexcerpt->filter(null, 100, 1, '&hellip;', array('')) ?>

This is part of the code on a custom home template.

And btw, hi, I just joined just to ask this question. Even though I do read from here and have even bought some of your books.

Hi sliloh, welcome to the forums,

AFAIK that is not part of the core code. My best guess would be to look in the theme’s folders, for a file maybe named “functions.php”?
There should be a
$advancedexcerpt = new [class name];
somewhere. Then you can look at the classe’s filter method to see what it’s about.

Yeah, that was my thought too. But there’s nothing there or anywhere else about it on the site. I guess that explains why nothing happens when I delete them.

Just another “What were they thinking” moment trying to figure out someone elses code. :wink: