Adsense in Yahoo!

Is there anything like adsense in Yahoo? i want to add something else other than Adsense that can give me some return.

The adsense for yahoo is called is the Yahoo Publisher. You can join them but its quite hard to be accepted by them.

What is meant by hard to be published?

Yahoo Publisher Network is the Adsense by Yahoo. It’s only for US citizens right now and it’s too hard to be accepted in.
But do try your luck.

Try infolinks or kontera, if you are okay to run in-text ads which are allowed to work with Adsense & doesn’t affects your Adsense performance much !

Google Adsense is best option for paid marketing…

I’m new at this too … I’m trying to get into monetizing my properties through publisher networks been going at it for a week and still no luck. Applied for Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher and then started working down to small publisher networks.

Are there any professionals that can give us a pointer in this area? Should we start with smaller networks and work our way up?

I didn’t think it’ll be this complicated lol.

AdSense is one of the few networks that has no traffic requirements to join - so they are often one of very few choices as you are just starting out.

Depending on how much traffic and what niche your site is in though - you may want to look at Casale Media, ValueClick Media, Burst Media, and Tribal Fusion. Or maybe Adconion or CPX Interactive. I did some reviews of the various ad networks over on AdBalance that you might find useful.

What sort of pointers are you after?