AdSense doesn't work for me, any alternatives?

Hi there!

So, I don’t know what to do. AdSense doesn’t work for me, so I think maybe I should try ad networks…

Any suggestions, guys?

Hi mark138 and welcome to SitePoint.

If you want any meaningful replies, then you’ll have to give us more information. In what way does Adsense not work for you? What are you trying to achieve? What have you tried so far and for how long? With more details, we might be in a better position to make useful suggestions.

There are many adsense alternatives like Chiika, Bidvertiser and more. Chitika is good.

I don’t think Chitika is good, actually.

And yes, Paul, tell us more about your issues with AdSense… because it’s great, EXCEPT fillrate, it’s kind of low for some kinds of traffic.

This thread is over two months old and the OP never returned, so there is no point in reopening it now.