Adsense CTR: how much is too much?

Suppose you have a site that has genuine traffic from search engines.
Suppose that site visitors find the website uninteresting and they often clicked on Google’s ads.

There is a danger to disable your AdSense account? By what percentage?

20%? 40%? Perhaps 60%?
How much is too much?

If your site’s that bad you find that you’re losing a lot of custom to the Google Ads on your site then you have a phenomenally awful site. Disabling your adsense isn’t going to change that. If anything, your bounce rate will just go up and instead of making a few pence, you’ll be making nothing.

My question was:

How much is too much ?

This was the point in topic.

Any amount is too much. the minimal amount of pence you get is not worth your site looking quite that crappy.

OK, but what is the moment in which you have to think:

“OMG, I think I have a dubious high CTR. Maybe it’s time for me to actually change something in here to lower CTR.”

The CTR of 60%?

Hi Pamela,

I’ve read through all your different posts. I hope this serves as a good response to all of them…

You’re never going to make much money from Adsense, it just doesn’t work well for that. There’s no magic recipe or formula, and there’s no better comparable service either. If you rely on Adsense alone to generate income, then you’re not going to generate much income. Truth is, you can’t make money from every website, even if it is quite popular. You’re trying to make money from a blog about bunny rabbits and the reason you’re not making much is just because there’s not much money to be made in that sector. You can experiment with the saturation of ads or the content or the service all you want and the results aren’t going to differ much I’m afraid.

You’ll never make any real money from advertising, but it seems as though your site is very nice and makes a lot of people happy, so it’s not all doom and gloom :slight_smile:

Thank PeachySEO,

You gave a good answer, I appreciate the professional and experienced when they meet.

So I can stop thinking about the trucks with money from Adsense ?