Adobe PDF Sizing Question

When I make a PDF out of a Word document for example, the PDF opens at a random size percentage and doesn’t really look as expected. At 100% (after modifying preferences) the PDF is gigantic…

How do you control the size of this thing so it looks like a normal document at 100% when you open it?

Seems like it should work at the default but not everything in life is logical.

So what I’m looking at incorrectly? Appreciate any help.

I mean I just want to provide options for downloading content. So the PDF might be made from Photoshop, Word, or whatever really. They must have that ability for a reason!

Check your PDF viewer settings, there may be something in there to tell it what “size” to open documents by default.

The accessibility guy in me has to ask does it HAVE to be a pdf since you are making it from Word?

Some of the programs that can create PDFs have options where you can specify the defaults to use when the document is opened.

Do you mean by the editor, or the person viewing it on the web ?