Hey everyone as the title says does anybody have any information on the ad network ?
I started using them a few days ago, my site is new so not really sure what sort of earning potential there is with this ad network, so any experiences with would be welcome.
Thanks :slight_smile:

With, you will require a lot of pageviews to make money of any sort. We’ve used them as a platform to advertise, and it’s a great site from that perspective - you can reach 1000 US visitors for as less as $5, and more than 5000 visitors for the same price for smaller countries.

What this means is that if you were using to make money, then you may have show up more than 5000 pageviews just to earn a fraction of $5 (after the ad network takes their commission). Otherwise they are a great and reliable team.

It was pretty hard for me to make some serious money with these guys. I dunno why, maybe my top countries weren’t suitable or smth, but for pretty much remarkable traffic volume (70% is Asian) I received pennies. They’re good and pro, but I switched off to Epom market.