Adding player.swf to website

Hey all, Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I am needing to add a player.swf to my website. I need to upload it to my server. Here is the code that I have.

   modes: [
type: "flash", src:"[B][/B]",
	config: {
playlist: [
levels: [
{ file: "/featured/video1.mp4" }
 image: "",
	description: "Description Here <em>3:23</em> ",
	 provder: 'rtmp',

I put the line in bold where is says I need a player.swf uploaded to my server. Where can I get this from so I can upload it.

OR is there a better way to put up streaming videos on my site?

Any suggestions would be appreciate.

The most standard way of dealing with video is by using videojs which supports HTML5 features if they’re available on the browser, and falls back to other systems (including flash) depending on browser support.